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Episode 8.5 - Music Special

Due to college finals and busy schedules for both Lauren and I, I have decided to make a simple music special playing three songs.  Yes, there was suppose to be an episode 9 last week but due to complications with the recording and editting, we cancelled it.  I due apologize for the delay but enjoy this week's music special.  We will resume normal schedules next week.


Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara by TegoMassu
Wedding Dress by Tae Yang
Monster by Arashi

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Nino Fail

Postponed Episode 8

Sorry listeners but due to some technical difficulties and time problems, the release of the episode will be postponed until tomorrow (Saturday) morning or afternoon.  Again, thank you for being patient with us.

And on a side note, HELP VOTE FOR BEE TO BE PART OF GLEE!!!!!  Just click on the link below and only people with myspace accounts can vote.  All you have to do is hit the "Give a Gold Star" button and you're done.  BEST PART IS THAT YOU CAN VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES!!!!  Please help her get closer to her dream!!!!
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Episode 6

We're on schedule this week!!!!  Yay, now all 160+ members can enjoy us either on youtube or in their beautiful mp3 players/ipods.  This was a shorter episode due to us needing to make time for auditions.  Thank you for everyone who was interested in auditioning.  The deadline to audition is 11:59pm of Saturday, April 10.  We will announce the new hostess(es) during the next episode.

JE news
Japanese Entertainment News
Korean Entertainment News
Voice segment - The Return of the Blonde??

Huge news: starting next week, JK Entertainment will post downloadable links of the music you hear every episode as will as the links to our source of news.  Look forward to a new segment of the podcast called "MV Review Rave" where we review a popular music video of either kpop or jpop industries. 
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Juntoshi Wave

Audition for JK Entertainment? Post here!

For everyone whom is interested in auditioning into 1 or 2 spots to be a part of podcast, thank you for being interested.  Here is our the requirements and the process we request you to follow in order to considered into the audition.


Age between 14 to 30 (if you're over 30, go ahead and audition)
  • You have to love JE groups. 
  • You have to be able to bash your favorite band
  • We already have an Arashi fan and a Kanjani8 fan and NEWS fan so let's try for the other group (ie KAT-TUN, HSJ, etc)
  • You have to love Kpop (we need someone to help Bee out with the Kpop part)
  • Good mic (duh)
  • A flexible schedule for recording
  • The ability to flow with the pace Bee and Lauren have
  • Improv would be great and ability to hold good discussions about Japanese/Korean entertainment
  • Not totally a must but an older high school student or college would be best
Comments will be screened!  Please use the following format to audition down here (or you can post a video response on our youtube video named "Audition" either part 1 or 2.  Introduce yourself in the video and pretend to give us some recent news in either japanese or korean entertainment industry.)  We will skype you this weekend or next week and hold a live audition.  We're not sure yet if we'll record the auditions yet.

Full Name:
Nicknames (Personality name for podcast):
Skype Name:
Fav JE group (in order of favorite as first):
Other Fav Music Group or actor/actress: