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jkentertainment's Journal

JK Entertainment Podcast
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♣ Who are we?

We are a simple little group of students (ranging from high school to college) who were brought together by their love for a particular thing, japanese music.

Why do a podcast when there are plenty of other jpop/kpop podcasts out there? Well because we want to. ^__^ How many podcasts do you know that does both Japanese entertainment and Korean entertainment?

The idea was brought up by Bee who asked her close LJ friends (whom she will meet in real life someday) to help her out. Lauren and Yan agreed to help and that formed this little podcast. We hope to appeal to a large group of people in the future.
About the Hostesses ♦

Bee. Age: 19. Female. Asian-american. First year of college. Favorite JE group is Arashi. Favorite idol is Ohno Satoshi (is married to Ohno Satoshi). She loves Japan and her goal in life is to become a famous person in Japan for either acting, singing, or TV personality.

Lauren. Age: 19 turning 20. Full blood American. Kanjani8 rules her life! Nishikido Ryo is her love. Full-time College student with a Business Major and taking Japanese. Been to Japan twice and will be there again in the future! Mainly J-pop fandom.

New Hostess Info COMING SOON

♥ Podcast Info

JK Entertainment Podcast is "short" for Japanese and Korean Entertainment Podcast. We not only cover the J-pop industry but as well as the K-pop industry and both entertainment world.

Our talks will bring you the latest in news, gossip, rumours, CD releases, tours, singles, and number 1 charts. We'll also have our many segments like "Learning Japanese with Lauren", "NEWS Zero, VOICE", and many more to come!

And yes, our episodes may suddenly center around a particular talend agency in Japan called Johnny's Entertainment. We can't help it... So if you have any suggestions or questions about the asian world that you wanna ask us, ask away! You could PM this community or one of hostess! We'll go into the culture shock between Japan and America as well. We're here to educate you!
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